Wesley Dunlop


Victoria BC based artist, Wesley Dunlop, is an emerging airbrush artist who combines realism with elegant atmospherics & expressive abstract elements. Utilizing a bold colour palette and contrasting textures he creates powerful works of illumination & depth. Wesley displays great versatility in subject matter, painting anything from portraits to landscapes, wildlife & more and his unique use of perspective gives a great sense of expansiveness to his vast sky paintings.



Wesley grew up with an innate talent for drawing & sketching but has only recently revisited his passion for art and creation. Since 2016, after being drawn to the unique qualities of the airbrush, Wesley has been completely self-taught in his discipline.

His work is influenced by nature, the universe, fantasy & science fiction, hip-hop, urban art, and the natural beauty of Vancouver Island where he was born and raised.


Artist’s Statement:

“I care deeply about the environment, freedom, peace, equality, and inspired creation. I am highly self-motivated & passionate about creativity and believe that working hard every day to become a better at one's discipline is of great importance. 

My motivation behind my art is to connect with people through our collective consciousness, to create something beautiful, and to stay ahead of the curve, while always learning & evolving.”



“My creative process starts with my eye & my imagination, inspired by anything that captivates me or comes to me through sudden inspiration. 

I work from my own reference photos or combine multiple aspects of shared reference materials. 

I work quickly & fluidly, applying a sense of energy to my paintings, while building up layers and layers of transparent paint. If an abstract element is incorporated it's an expressive, free-flowing, inspired addition. As I finish a project, I slow my process to pay close attention to detail & precision and only call a piece complete when a sense of pride arises in me acknowledging my vision has been realized.”



***Feel free to contact Wesley to inquire about commissioning paintings, illustrations, murals or any other project you may have in mind.

Or, simply browse the Available Artwork page to see which works are currently available.***

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